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  • ATU has introduced the next generation of robots.
ATU has introduced the next generation of robots.

ATU has introduced the next generation of robots.

On October 10, the presentation of robotic simulations ADAM X HPS robot simulators and SMART MOM automatic birth simulators was held for the first time in Azerbaijan at the Azerbaijan Medical University.
Speaking at the ceremony, the University's Rector, Professor Geray Garaybeyli said that reforms are being made at the Medical University in accordance with the course of comprehensive reforms implemented at the state level. Large-scale reforms in both general and medical education are taking place all over the world. Formats used yesterday are considered obsolete today. It is also a change in the essence of the format of the teaching process at the university.
Rector G. Garaybeyli said that the practical knowledge plays an important role in the effectiveness of medical education. In this regard, it is important for students to use simulated educational equipment.
It has been reported that robot simulators presented today also belong to the latest generation of equipment, and they are a great tool to teach students the correct treatment of hundreds of diseases.
Then two types of simulation - ADAM X - robot simulator and birth simulator "SMART MOM" were shown. Presentation Head of ATU Training Training Department Assoc. Elmar Sharifov and Head of Intensive Care Unit at Teaching Therapeutic Clinic of ATU ass. Conducted by Emil Gasimov.
It was noted that the SMART MOM birth simulator is a product of the US company Simulaids. This robot refers to the latest generation of devices approaching reality. SMART MOM operates on wireless communication (wifi). It monitors the physiological parameters of both mother and fetus.
This robot is used for the development of clinical scenarios of cardiovascular system with numerous ECG-based clinical scenarios reflecting "mother's" arterial pressure, pulse, heart tones, and various heart pathologies. These indicators can be manually managed and adapted to clinical scenarios.
The parameters such as respiratory rate, normal and pathological respiratory disturbances, O2 saturation, capnometry are monitored on the monitor and can be adapted by the instructor to the clinical scenario in the SMART MOM. If the robot stops breathing in the mother, then it is possible to perform orotraxeal intubation as well as defibrillation.
Another robot - ADAM X Made by Denmark's MEDICAL-X This is the latest 5th generation human simulator for real performance indicators. This equipment fully reflects the physiology of the real patient. This wireless robot is designed to fit the real bone-muscle structure of a human being and to maximize the appearance of a human being.
The ADAM X robot is capable of displaying almost all physiological and pathological parameters of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Changing vital signs and adaptation to clinical scenarios is performed mechanically. Any simulation of any urgent pathology is possible in this simulator. That is, the robot is deliberately ill and then treated. The instructor will be informed of the correct or improperly performed diagnostic examination and treatment procedure by remote or wireless communication.
Speaking at the presentation, Isfandiyar Ismayilov, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the ATU, Elmira Aliyeva, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Elchin Agayev, Head of the General Surgery Department and others spoke about the advantages of robotic simulations. It was noted that the use of these robots in the ATU teaching process will play an important role in helping hundreds of students and residents receive detailed and lively information about the disease, urgent care for the patient, choosing the right treatment and intervention, and more.
Note that the skins of robots that resemble human beings are also adapted to human skin. These simulations can scream, moan, pain, and perform other operations. The ceremony featured the birth process on the SMART MOM robot, showing some complications and ways to eliminate them during birth. Some pathologies have been demonstrated regarding problems with the breathing of the ADAM X robot.
* Information from the Press Service of the Ministry of Health

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