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  • The Second National Conference of Pharmacists was held.
The Second National Conference of Pharmacists was held.

The Second National Conference of Pharmacists was held.

On October 1 of this year, the "Second National Conference of Pharmacists" was organized by the "Pharmacists Club" Public Union. The conference was attended by pharmacists of the republic, representatives of the country's medical community, well-known scientists, teachers of the Medical University and members of the public. Guests from different countries - Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, France and other countries - were also invited to the conference. Chairman of the Public Union of Pharmacists Shovgi Bunyatov informed about the activities of the public association and spoke about the recent achievements of Azerbaijani pharmacists. The guests spoke about the achievements of modern pharmacy, the impact of scientific and technological progress on the activities of pharmacists, and made suggestions on the application of new technologies in pharmacy in the new era. The speakers also spoke about the problems hindering the development of pharmacy, and made proposals for the production of medicines in the country. It was noted that communication and cooperation between pharmacists working in various fields should be strengthened, and joint solutions to problems should be explored. A new strategy must be developed to provide the country's population and medical facilities with quality medicines.
The work of pharmacists operating in the context of the 44-day Patriotic War and the Covid-19 pandemic was praised. Especially during the Great Patriotic War, there was no shortage of medicines for the treatment of the wounded, and hospitals were fully equipped. Our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. President Ilham Aliyev, praised the work of our country's medical workers, including pharmacists.
At the conference, pharmacists said they would continue to stand guard over the health of the country's population.

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