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  • The three-year-old was successfully operated
The three-year-old was successfully operated

The three-year-old was successfully operated

Dr. Ramal Hasanov, a cardiac surgeon at the Medical Surgery Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University, has made the first in our country. 3-year-old Jahid Nasirov was admitted to the clinic with Ebstein's anomaly diagnosis.

Speaking about the nature of the disease, R. Hasanov said that Ebstein's anomaly is a disease that occurs in less than one percent of congenital heart diseases. According to the doctor, this anomaly was first discovered by Wilhelm Ebstein in 1866. The etiology is multifactorial. Patients of this type have an abnormal position of the septal and posterior lifetimes of the tricuspid valve toward the right ventricular apex. The area between the true anulus level and the false anulus level of the right ventricle is atrialized. The total volume of the right ventricle decreases accordingly.

The Ebstein anomaly is of 4 types depending on the severity. In Nasirov, type 3 Ebstein abnormalities and ASD were found. During the electrophysiological examination, no aberrant pathways were detected.

The patient underwent tricuspid valve repair by Da-Silva's Cone procedure. A bilateral duodenal cavity-pulmonary anastomosis (Glenn) is inserted between the upper free vein and the right lung artery, and the ASD is closed. In addition, the right ventricle and right ankle were also edited. The patient remained in the intensive care unit for 3 days and was discharged home on the 10th day.

Note that this operation has been discovered for over 10 years and is being performed in prestigious medical centers around the world.


*Information from the Press Service of the Ministry of Health

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