Pharmacy control specialist

It is determined on the basis of an interview.

Job Description

  • Control of paperwork related to the organization of pharmacy work;
  • Perfect mastery of relevant laws and decisions related to pharmacy work;
  • Holding meetings with pharmacy managers, conducting monitoring in pharmacies, monitoring that pharmacies meet the required standards, providing instructions according to the legislation;
  • Controlling the activities of pharmacies in accordance with the law, detecting possible violations, conducting related investigations, and implementing measures to eliminate defects.
  • Ensuring coordination with state institutions;
  • Carrying out relevant tasks related to inconsistencies detected in the observance of the company's internal disciplinary rules;
  • Submission of reports on the work done to the management;
  • Performing other tasks assigned by management.

Work schedule


Workplace: BEGOC Business Center (Address: Zarifa Aliyeva St., 93);
5/7 work schedule, working hours: 09:00 to 18:00;
Lunch is provided by the company;
Provision of medical insurance;
Salary is negotiated based on the interview.


If you meet the relevant requirements, please send your CV to the e-mail address and mention the name of the vacancy you are applying for in the "subject" section.


Available for business trips:
Not Marked
1 year
Azerbaijan, English, Russian

  • Higher medical education (pharmacists are preferred);
  • 1 year of work experience in pharmacy or private medical fields;
  • Good analytical features, analysis skills, preparation of reports on the work done;
  • Effective negotiation and good communication skills;
  • Discipline, stress-resistant, ability to follow business ethics;
  • Ability to work in Word.exel programs;
  • Must be ready for business trips if necessary;
  • Driving license;

Note: Fill out the CV form first. Please send it to us as soon as it is full.

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