Reserve sales agent

500 AZN

Job Description

Position functions:

  • Control over acceptance of orders;
  • Control over the timely and correct delivery of promises;
  • Timely and healthy delivery of the order to the customer;
  • Obtain information about the case from the customer or in the area and deliver it to the sales manager;
  • Ensuring a high level of car maintenance and timely repair;
  • Full delivery of the money sold at the end of the month to the cashier;
  • Have complete and complete information about the customer.
  • Ay sonu satılan malın pulunun tam şəkildə kassaya çatdırılması;
  • Müştəri haqda tam və dolğun məlumata sahib olmaq.

Work schedule


İş şəraiti:

  • 6-day work week
  • Lunch is provided by the company
  • Salary - 500 AZN
  • Place of work: NZS settlement, Ogtay Valiyev str. 21C, Depot.

Those who meet the above requirements can send their CV to the e-mail address, indicating the name of the vacancy in the "subject" section.


Available for business trips:
Not Marked

  • High education

  • Experience in sales and delivery

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office and 1C programs
  • Driving license
  • Persons who have completed military service
  • Sales capability

Qeyd: Namizədin iş yerinə yaxın ərazidə yaşaması şərtdir

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